A Gentleman in new York: Zachary Prell

Style : There is a certain fashion aesthetic of New York; casually smart, intelligently fun and very, very care free.

I found Zachary Prell sometime ago in Nordstrom amongst the rails of the usual Internationally known American brands. It's on the right side of sporty, but has an interesting history behind its perfect all-American look.

The brand was first thought of by the labels name sake in 2004, when he was earning his MBA wearing poorly made, badly fitting button-down shirts (personally, I think they should be banned, if I get one as a gift, I pick off the buttons and sew up the collar holes).

With his business background on Wall Street, combined with his determination to improve not only his wardrobe, but other men's, he formed a team of advisors in retail, design, marketing and manufacturing.

Like my teachers said to me, 'if you don't know ask', he did, and since then he as never looked back.

He debuted in 2006 and the redefined sports shirt was slim fitting, prefect chest button spacing and tail length. He also widened the cuffs and altered the collar to a more modern fitting. Good on him, finding the perfect shirt that is not sized like a night-shirt is a blessing.

When I was at university, I worked in a well known, predominantly mail-order mens outfitters on Jermyn Street. Every season, we would have a change of uniform – shirts, ties, shoes and suit. But being fabulously slim, I always had a problem to find a good selection of slim fit shirts. Now, needless to say, they have a huge selection but it just shows the gap in the market. Even the couple of Gucci shirts I have, they have had to be taken in by my tailor.

Although, Zachary Prell does not retail over here, he sells though Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, and the latter has introduced a fantastic mail order service to the UK.
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