A Different Shade of Blue: Conservative Party Creative Industries Event, London Fashion Week

Style : With an election coming up in May, the Prime Minister's wife Sarah Brown has been supporting the British Fashion Industry from the front rows of catwalk shows and on the arms of models and celebrities alike.

But at last nights Conservative Party Creative Industries Event, hosted by the Shadow Minster for Culture Ed Vaziey, it was the committed words from the party that really showed support, growth and sustainability for the industry.

The small but massively powerful event was attended by Alexandra Shulman; Editor of Vogue UK, Hilary Alexander; Fashion Director of the Telegraph newspaper, Nicholas Coleridge; MD of Condé Nast, Anya Hindmarch; handbag designer, and a host of figures from all arms of the media. Lastly, a suprise guest arrived, Samantha Cameron, wife of the Conservative leader, David Cameron.

Samantha Cameron speaking to Harold Tillman, Chairman of the British Fashion Council.

First to speak was Harold Tillman, the Chairman of the British Fashion Council (BFC), who praised the efforts of the industry in these hard times and recognised the importance of the industry to the economy.

It was then the turn of Caroline Rush, the Chief Executive of BFC, who reminded everyone of the importance of the British Fashion Industry , and the imperative nature of the survival of it. "There are over 300 designers showcasing creative, innovative collections...it is here designers set trends, set asperations and inspire the demand for their innovative creativity"

She went on to say, with passion, that, "Without designers, there would be a weaker high street, weaker fashion publications. The second biggest employer in the UK after the public sector, is the fashion industry".

Further more, she continued, "Without the designers at London Fashion Week, this whole industry would faulter. And london and Britain would far different from the creative hub we all know".

She then set out what she wants from the Government, and in particular, as it stands, the future Conservative Government;

"Ensure on going support for London Fashion Week, three things on behalf of our designers (which is to) help with bussiness skills, manufactuing infastrucure, and access to finance".

After this, it was the turn of the Shadow Minster Ed Vaizey to show his support, and that of the party's. "A lot of people in different parties belive passionatly in the creative industries, and partically the power of fashion. And I hope if we win the election, we will support the fashion indstry in every way that we can".

He also praised the BFC and touched on the importance of the industry within politics, " What ever happens after the next ellection, the BFC is providing really fantastic future for the British Fashion Industry. I don't know what the election will bring in terms of election results, as non of us are complacnet at all. But I like to think that to a certain extent, the creative industries are a-political or cross party".

Ed Vaizey, Centre, with Anya Hindmarch, Right.

I was speaking with the Shadow Minister and he and his party are very committed, and passionate about the creative industries, and recognise their strength and importance to the UK. Plus, he is a very personable, funny man who enjoys his job, and it is that passion that ensures results.

Sitting on the front row with a bevvy of celebrity friends by your side is not the way to support the industry and ensure its future, it is doing what Ed Vaizey is doing and pushing for success.
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