A Bijou Room - for Elysia

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I'll be back later today or tomorrow with part 3 of the NYC recap but for now, a little design.

A friend of mine recently emailed asking if I could help her with her tween daughter's room.
Her only instruction was that  ::shudders:: the space couldn't be pink.
After regrouping from that drop kick to the face, I picked myself up and started with some ideas.
My first thought was that if I couldn't use pink than I sure as hell wanted to paint that sucker Hague Blue...it's the next best thing if you ask me.

So here you have it...a room that's certainly not pink (insert sad face) but still rather rosy.

And the good news, I actually stayed in budget.
Now I just have to cross my fingers that she actually likes it.

Happy Saturday all and PS, here's hoping the Rapture is all a bunch of head cheese.


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