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h&m sweater; h&m divided tank dress; american apparel clutch; forever 21 watch; marc by marc jacobs bracelet; house of harlow and rings; asos necklace & heels.

i love it when the sun is shining but temperature is just cool enough for a sweater to be your only piece of outerwear. especially when said sweater is grandpa-esque and so giant you are swimming in it. today was one of those beautiful days :) what wasn't so beautiful was my hair. hence the messy bun, which i hate on me, but sometimes it's just necessary.

and no, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. if you're wondering how i went from being nearly translucent (i mean, look at my legs in this recent post - LOL) to slightly bronzed, i stripped down for my good friend laken and got my very first airbrush spray tan. i embrace my paleness, but it's kinda fun to look like i just got back from vacay (i wisssh). i get darker than this in the summer anyway (see here).

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