Sent from Heaven...Michael Angel

Style : Happy Sunday LSoD readers! Sunday is the day of getting up late, flicking through The Sunday Times, eating a steaming roast dinner, and watching tv.

Well, I got up at 9am, have barely touched The Times, am waiting for my dinner and there is nothing on tv, so I hopped on Facebook instead. Browsing around, I found a link to this, the look book for Michael Angel, a renowned designer from New York. Now as he isn't a menswear designer, it is pretty simple to see why I was so taken up with these images.

The Australian born designer was Senior Visual and Creative supervisor at SABA, the department store down-under. From there he went on to design and has since turned to New York to host his shows. His pieces are sheer works of art, with beautiful colours and luxurious fabrics, though the guy in the images below is wearing a t-shirt, so maybe he is worth posting on here...

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