Planning for the Beach!

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I couldn't be more excited for our annual family beach trip next week.  We've been going every year with all my extended family (about 30 of us) since before I was born.  Now it's even more special since a lot of us have families of our own.  We are going to one of the islands on the NC coast.  It's definitely not a fancy beach, but it's beautiful, pristine, quiet, and not overrun with hotels and mobs of people. 

Since my maternity beach outfits aren't cute enough to blog about, I put together some fun looks for the beach.  A pregnant lady can dream, right?  Be sure to click on the pictures for larger images! 

Pinky Chic

K. Jacques Sandals (my favorite!)

Essie Pinking up the Pieces

Not-So-Basic Black

Aldo Bracelets

Red Red They Call Me Red

Can't wait to report back next week when I am happily relaxing with family at the beach!
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