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Since moving in February I've been in major need of some pillow therapy. I had a hard time choosing where I wanted to go with my new color scheme. Thus, I was stuck with a cast-off orange throw and pretty, but bland, pillow covers I'd whipped up on a whim a few months back. Nothing horribly offensive, but not great either. 

 I picked up some KWID Bengal Bazaar fabric and a Barbara Barry for Kravet chinoisierie fabric a few weeks ago, but realized I had a bit of a problem on my hands...exactly who would make these pillows? Because I sure wasn't going to put my rudimentary sewing skills to work butchering $170/yard fabric!

 So after soliciting some recommendations on the blog, I got an email from someone who has turned out to be a great blog buddy- Kimber in Alabama (her email is thekidsandkim@aol.com). She has a sewing workroom, can make anything you could possibly want, turns it around fast, and best of all, her prices are entirely reasonable. I paid $28 for each self-welted pillow cover with an invisible zipper. As soon as I got these beauties in the mail on Friday, I started plotting what I'm going to have her make next! 

I'm loving how these pillows are adding some much-needed zip to my sofa. Kimber also provided the lovely down inserts. It was so nice not to have to track those down separately.

 Of course, I got home from running errands yesterday and noticed the pillows had gotten the most important seal of approval...this guy doesn't sleep just anywhere.

I'd highly recommend Kimber (thekidsandkim@aol.com) for your next sewing project- she can do pillows, duvet covers, shams, drapes, roman shades- you name it. As someone with extremely limited time these days, it was such a relief to pop my fabric in the mail and have the pillows sent right back to me. No dropping off, no buying supplies and notions, no tracking down the right sized inserts- it was truly such an easy experience. And Kimber is super-friendly and responsive to all of my crazy emails! Thanks, Kimber!

And just to clarify- I paid full price for Kimber's services and was not compensated in any way for this blog post. I just wanted to recommend someone who did a fantastic job for me!

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