Guest Posts - Hi Sugarplum and Danielle Oakey

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I'm very excited to be over at Cassie's fabulous blog, Hi Sugarplum.

Hi Sugarplum!

Today, I'm taking part in her...


On the roster for me, a place I've never been but dream about...often.

I'll leave that my choice up for surprise but for now, let's say...


to B&B and hello to Hi Sugarplum/mystery locale.

While your visiting, you simply must act as any suitable tourist would and explore the beautiful that is Cassie's blog.
Here's a colour rich travel guide of Hi Sugarplum gorgeous.

green black room

canadian house and home

aqua hot pink - live like you

Such a lovely vacation over at HS!!!

And speaking of exotic locals, I'm also jet setting over here today...

danielle oakey interiors

It's a quick stopover...just leaving a few designing dont's as part of Danielle's fabulous series...

Again, you're not going to get much out of me here- if you want to see my biggest 'please god on high don't do this'...clicski HERE.

And again, since you're already stopping over and have obviously oodles of time on your hands, stay a while...take in the gorgeous DO sights....since I've already posted some of Danielle's gorgeous over here, I'm just giving you a very little close up peek tide you over.

And with that, it's time for me to jettison off as well.
As my newly 5 year old would say....hasta luego muchachos.


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