Friday Fancies - The Royal Wedding

Style :'s Friday, which means it's WEDDING DAY!!!

I'm so excited- it's 5am and I'm up and even though I'm not actually there, I'm watching and daydreaming and have that silly happy grin on my face I knew I'd have.
My first impression of everything is, LOVE the trees!!!
Anyhoo....I digress.

If I was there watching this glorious occasion in person, I'd want to look pretty, feminine and a little dainty.
Here's what I put together for my Royal Wedding attire.

I just had to throw in the crown ring and I'm kind of obsessed with the BHLDN lace caplet.

I can't even express how much I'd love to be there at the moment but rest assured, I've got my tiara on:)
Make sure you like over to see all of the other lovely royal ensembles and check back here a little later...I promised my wedding photos and I don't like to break my word so they will indeed be going up after
Will and Kate are officially hitched.

I'll see you on Twitter lovers!!


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