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I thought I might show you a few photos from the big party on Saturday.
It was a giant hit and the now 5 year old sweet girl loved every second, so most certainly a good day.

Scarlett worn my one and only Betsey Johnson cupcake dress- it was held on, to within an inch of its life, using MANY safety pins.
We had the party at a children's art lounge called Lollipop...if you live in the GTA, I HIGHLY recommend it.
The owner Grace is the best and their birthday programme is amazing!
It's total non-stress party planning- they supply all the decor, activities, cake, food, and loot bags...bliss.
All we had to do was show up.
We had intended to all dress up, as per Scarlett's request but when the time came, she decided that it was a 'kids' party so she wanted us to just dress in 'fancy clothes.'
Mac wore a pink gingham shirt, in honour of the his princess sister- wanted to coordinate:)
I wore black- what a scrooge...I did however load on the jewelry- had a good excuse.

The party started with a personalized canvas- the kids painted the background with taped off border lines and then added jewels, their names, stickers, flowers, crowns etc.
Next, cupcake decorating...big mess- beaucoup fun.
And at the end, a little old school musical chairs.

The kids each left with a princess goody-bag (which I forgot to take pictures of,) personalized canvas, and two decorated cupcakes- they also had a giant crowned cupcake, while we were there, in lieu of a cake...again, I blinking missed photos of the Happy Birthday singing because the lights were out and they all turned out like blech...ah well- can't win them all I suppose.
In any event, despite having to pull her dress up 8000 times, the party was a great success and just the princess inspired affair my little red had hoped for.
A very happy day.


While we're on the topic of princesses, I thought what better a time to devote to this romantic subject than during the week of Kate and Will's wedding....so I'll be throwing in a lot of royal inspired gorgeous this week.
And speaking of that, I'll also be taking part in this amazing crawl from Danielle and Breakfast at Toast.

On Friday, anyone who wants to join in can link over and post a pretty wedding inspired post....she didn't have to ask me twice- any excuse for mushy romance and I'm there.
Of course, I'll also be linking over to Long Distance Loving with a royal inspired Friday Fancy as well so double the fun!!

Happy Tuesday love bugs...I might be back later with the first of the princess/royal posts so keep your eye out.

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