Wednesday Wallpaper - Vintage

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I wanted to share with you some of my favourite resources for vintage paper.
I'm kind of obsessed with all things vintage and wallpaper is no exception...I adore how these 'older' patterns seem so unaplogetic...bold and bursting with character.
As for price, most rolls that I've found will set you back about $100- not cheap but not redonkulous and so worth it- one of a kind folks, one of a kind (ish).

First up...

We all know and love Elements of Style and the amazing eye of its founder, Erin Gates.
If you're like me and have apparently been living under a rock, you might not know she also has an Etsy shop that is stocked with DIVINE vintage wallpaper.
That pink ikat WILL be on my walls- and so might the top blue/white birds.


Secondhand Rose has a ginormous selection of florals, geometrics, chinoiseries, mylars, botanicals and novely papers...their website is packed to the brim with vintage paper bliss.

And finally...

Although the selection at Rosie's isn't quite as large as the previous store, it has an amazing selection of 'bathroom' papers, which are actually my favourite- total Palm Beach/regency glamour...think flamingos, herons/palm trees and water lilies.
And PS, the bottom pink floral on the left also has to find a place somewhere in my house...yum!

So there you have it...a little guide to vintage wallpaper.

Happy Wednesday!!

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