World Market's at it again...

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Took a whirl through World Market the other day in search of placemats, and I ended up wanting to bring the whole store home! Is it just me, or is World Market what Pier 1 used to be? (Meanwhile, Pier 1 has plummeted downhill, yikes. So many papsan chairs...). Anyway, I was wowed by the great range that World Market is offering lately- from the table linens to the jewelry to the tunics and the faux fur throws. To start with, these koi cubes were gorgeous and came in 3 colors.

Ceramic garden stools (these are two stacked on top of each other) in a cheerful and exotic print (they also had huge matching bowls).

I'm usually not a fan of inexpensive upholstered furniture, only because the quality is usually reflective of the price. But for $229, this tufted chair looked like something far more expensive.

I don't even have an iPad but I wanted to walk away with all of these covers!

World Market is pillow central. They have a million great printed pillows as well as new collection of solid velvets in every color the rainbow and in many shapes- square, lumbar, bolster, etc.

I ended up bringing home two brown velvet lumbar pillows to go on my new chairs. I figured they needed something solid that wouldn't compete with the pattern and they're the perfect size. And $14.99? Sold!

And don't even get me started on the World Market jewelry...that's a whole other blog post!

Have you gotten anything good at World Market lately?
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