Wednesday Wallpaper - Palacepapers

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I thought it was time to introduce you to another wallpaper's been a while.

Casey Gunschel is the artist behind Palacepapers...a wallpaper and fabric line that reflects her love for natural elements and curiosities.
Translated onto a variety of grounds, using hand silk screening techniques, the line is clearly reflective of Gunschel's love for the environment...what is also apparent is her appreciation of antiquities and illustration.

I find the line to be whimsical but grounded...some would be perfect in child's playroom, while others would seem very at home in a sophisticated adult space.

A preview of some of the designs...

And a look at them in action...

Gorge yes...I'm loving the floral personally- no big surprise there.
Oh and in a totally unrelated yumfest, that marble island is making my heart go pitter patter.

You can see more Palacepaper pretty HERE.


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