Project Kitchen Gorgeous - Styling...and an EDIT!!!

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Hello and welcome to Monday!
This week is a ginormously big one for PKG- the dry wallers will be here for the next few days patching the zillion or so holes left from the electrical work and then come Thursday, the cabinets are going in.
Yes, according to Meredith, this week will see the campaign island making its reveal....I just about kissed the woman when she told me that one- I can't bleeping wait!!!
And after that, work will continue on the cabinet install and counter tops until...I leave on vacation.
While away, all will be finished and the finishing touches/magic will be completed so that after the longest 2 day drive of my life, I'll walk in to a giant reveal...this both terrifies and excites me all at once. 
I'll have to put my control girl tendencies away, somehow manage to not kill my husband on the drive home as I try to more quickly will us home, and trust that the fabulously talented Mererdith will style that sucker to within an inch of it's life...let me just admit that I have zero doubt that she will do so...a true styling master she is.
But still...I won't be there...I've been here through the drudge work but for the prettificiation, I'll be sadly absent...which means, I need to leave inspiration and lots of it.

Enter this month's House Beautiful- have you seen it?  Kitchen of the Month? Summer Thornton?
Magic my friends- magic.

For starters, I of course love the black cabinets, gold hardware (oh how I love that Kohler faucet) and gorgeous white marble.
But what strikes me most about this kitchen is the's just so damn sparkly.
After seeing the photos, I immediately emailed Meredith to relay that when styling my space, this is most definitely the look I'm going for...I'm quite sure she already knows this but I love having actual pictures to relate back to and Summer Thonton's kitchen are most definitely those shots.
I adore the pink flowers, the mirrored shelf backs, the mixture of antique, regency and modern glassware, the bar area, and the overall layered feel of the shelving.

When searching for inspriation shots, I often struggle to find styling that I really love...I'm just not a monotone glass/wicker basket/dishes only kind of girl...I want pizazz, colour and sparkle...shelves that mix artwork, flowers, bar-ware, pretty plates, gold things, cook books and of course, a little ugly...old antique paintings fit the bill here I think.

I hit up good old Pinterest just to find a few more examples so that when I leave Meredith with the keys to my house, and every possible accessory I can pilfer/still afford to purchase (let me just say that with final payments due, there is VERY little left for anything else so we'll be leaning much more towards the great 'already owned/swipe them from the rest of my house' option,) she'll know exactly what I'm looking for...again, let me reiterate that after a thousand emails and many many discussions, I'm quite sure she already does...afterall, she nailed my vision on our first meeting/her first sentence.
Still though, pictures never hurt:)

Key elements again...old paintings, flowers, glassware of different styles (I think I need some of the black milkglass seen in ST's space,) mixed plates (everyday and vintage/colourful,) layered accessories (lots of gold/regency/pink,) candlesticks, books etc. etc.

To say I can't wait to see what Meredith comes up with would be the most colossal understatement of all time...I might actually pass out on the drive home from the anticipation...will definitely need a major distraction or strong sedative- joke...sort of:)

And with that, I'll leave you for now- have to get ready for the dust party that's about to start.
Here's hoping I don't end up glued to my vacuum for the next three days- blech.

Oh and PS, just in case you missed it yesterday, make sure you scroll down and check out the fantastically hilarious Jenny from MFAMB...her Style in Seven was wicked awesome.

Edit...this just in...check out Meredith's blog Sashay for a surprise sneak peak of my island drawer fronts!!!
I'll be posting some updates (and perhaps a surprise peak) tomorrow as well.

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