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Goodmorning lovelies and happy Friday!
First up, I want to thank you all so so much for your sweeter than sweet birthday wishes yesterday- totally and utterly made my day...mwah!!!!
I ended up having a fabulous birthday spent with my littles and hubs...we had a kind of lazy afternoon and then had dinner out, followed by car shopping of all things- turns out we're in the market for a new fun.
I got some fabo gifts, the best of which was the most amazing card from my eldest daughter- totally made me ball my eyes out...good times...oh and she also bought me an YSL fashion illustration book...have I mentioned that I kind of adore her?
Hubs went to him too.
So far 37, has treated me VERY well:)

Now on to's fancy time.

And up for today, beach inspired pretty...

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Happy almost weekend boys and girls.

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