Wednesday Wallpaperish - Payton Cosell Turner

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I opened my October issue of Elle Decor (to page 74) and seriously almost went into instant convulsions...happy ones that is...when saw the work of Payton Cosell Turner.

She so had me at hello with her opening website page (above) but it gets better...this girl {who is PS 25..hate her...well not really} is kind of a genius...why you ask?  
Well your mind might just explode when I tell you the reason...mine almost turns out that the wallpaper she designs is....wait for it....entirely made of dime store stickers.
OK I know what you're thinking...tack-o-riffic...only trust's SO's divinely pretty...perfectly feminine...solidly sophisticated and delightfully cheeky.
You don't believe me....

Here....see this....

Well close up it's made up of  things like this...

This is one of those thinks that makes me angry at myself for not thinking of it it irreverent...adore!!

Oh and Ms. Turner does other kind of things hand drawn wallpaper....

And just because this kind of talent usually never ends...she also does amazeballs drawings...

 And with that brilliance, I have to run.
I'm having a bunch of lady friends over this morning for coffee/chat/kid craziness...oh and they're all itching to see my kitchen so it will be my first grande tour...I've got two hours to get food, put myself together and make sure the house is all spic and span...and go!!


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