the windy city.

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(pictures by nathan and i; i kept them small since there's so many of them)

ahh chicago. such a beautiful place, isn't it? and it's been only hours away from me this whole time. i think the reason i fell in love on my first trip there is the fact that it's big city and has so many things to offer that indianapolis doesn't (hello beach & lake michigan! hello shopping!), but is still in the midwest and feels like home.

we (my boyfriend and i) walked all around the city, visited the beach for a bit, shopped, went 94 floors up to the top of the john hancock center (the skyscraper in the very first picture. not as high as the sears tower; which, by the way, you can see in the background of some of my pictures), and of course ate pizza (so good, although i had NY style; i don't do chicago-style deep dish).

mind you, this was my visit to an H&M that sells the trend line, a zara, a barneys new york, an american apparel - heck, it was first time seeing designer boutiques like YSL and chanel! in barneys, i just walked around in a daze touching huge knit stella mccartney caridgans, rick owens leather jackets, supersoft the row tees; anything i could in the short amount of time my boyfriend let me walk around in there, haha. i had an amazing time, and there's so many things we didn't get the chance to do, so i can't wait to go back this winter.

better pictures of the outfit i wore (plus outfit details) sometime this weekend.

xxx caylee
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