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You know what the old downside is to having a new fabulously pretty space (i.e. #PKG)? Turns out it shines a glaring light on the little imperfections in the rest of house...I woke up a few days ago thinking that there are certain things about my home that now, apres kitchen gorgeous, look like a monkey's armpit.
For one, the kitchen is tres sparkly...I can't show you this now but you can imagine...tons of reflective marble combined with 3 chandeliers and brand new pot lights means light...lots of light...and PS, it's glamorous living room on the other hand, in a weird twist of design fate, is looking kind of needs a little sparkle of its own...don't get me wrong, I still love it and nothing at all major is going to happen in just needs a few small sparkle tweaks.

And the big one is going to involve this area....

You see those curtains...well they kind of hold a little DIY dirty secret...when I bought them a few years back I had no effing idea how to plaster them up there...I didn't know Meredith back then you see...custom curtain rods...had no idea how/where to go about that and because it's a 25 foot or so span of windows, there was no finding a store bought your eyes if you're squeemish...I did the only thing a girl in my position could do...this...

I bought some u-hooks and cut down wood dowel and managed to get them up...sort of...yes they hang there and they skim the floor nicely BUT ideally, and in a pretty/good world, they'd go to the ceiling and I'd have a rod that spanned the whole wall.

Well boys and girls, I believe in thinking positively (most of the time) and I want a damn rod...a pretty one.

It could be brass...

or white or chrome/nickel...

{and PS on the above, those kelly green curtains make me weak...divine}

or black...

{that dining room on the right is one of my favourite spaces EVER!!}

{all pictures via HERE} of all could be LUCITE!!!

Hello yumminess from The Paris Apartment...don't you just adore everything from there?

And then there's this recent heavenly discovery....

Gretchen Everett Hardware....I heart you in a laaaarge way.

What do you think would be the best choice pour moi?
And just to help you narrow it down, I won't be choosing white, black or that leaves you two to pick from:)

Happy Monday beauties.


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