Crazy for Camel

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Good morning/happy weekend you read this, I'm waking up with a ridonkulous ear a hotel no effing idea how that happened but it blows...we're supposed to be meeting family in Montreal for a picnic this afternoon but I can barely stand straight because my balance is all stupid...anyhoo...the good news is that tomorrow, we'll be home...which of course means...KITCHEN!!  
I can not even stand the anticipation of it all- so so so so so so excited.

In the meantime, I thought you might all like a little fashion to room's been quite some time since I did one of these and it's my favourite kind of post to put together.
The theme of today's collection reflects the fact that I'm...

I'm as smitten as smitten can be with this shade- mostly because it works so fabulously well with blush...aka my largest obsession.
The thing is though, camel seems to work with everything- it's the perfect perfect neutral.

{all photos via Pinterest}

Yes...I can most definitely say camel = me love.

I'll be back Monday with hopefully at least a few peeks of the you probably know, Meredith and I are very much hoping to have this beauty published so that's why the photo blast has been pretty limited so far...sorry about that:(

Anyhoo...a few close ups will definitely be forthcoming- promise!

Later lovers,


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