Sponsor Sale - K. Slademade and a Guest Post

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I'm about to make you SO happy...truly...you're going to want to kiss me in a second...

Why you ask?

Oh it's nothing big...just this...

Ahem...you saw that right...K.Slademade is having a Labour Day weekend sale, which means you can buy one of these...

for 20% OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And PS, these are some of her new designs and PSS, I need the peach one...like it's not possible for me to go on thinking I'm even slightly happy without that clutch being in my closet.

Now go...quickly...and snap one of those gorgeous new designs up before they're gone..just not the peach one please.

Click HERE to be whisked over to K.Slademade and when checking out, use the code...


After you do this, you'll find yourself jumping up and down with the knowledge that one of these amazing clutches is on it's way to your house AND you saved 20% while doing it...buying one totes makes sense.

Now once you've caught your breathe and purchased your gorgeous clutch, I'd love you to have a look at a little guest post I put together.

Today, I'm over here...

giving my BFF Twitter friend Lindsey a newly designed bedroom.

I won't give it all away but let's just say the room I put together has a little of this...

You can click HERE to see it all and while you're visiting, make sure you peruse the rest of Lindsey's fabulous blog- totally devoted to fabric, upholstery and design...aka...divine!!!

Here's a little peek at that action...

And with that, I have to run.
My appliances are being installed today...holy shit..I'll have a working kitchen as of about 4pm...breathless with excitement...oh and I'm also hosting a few friends and there kids in about an hour...it's going to be a crazytown but FABULOUS day...enjoy yours my friends!!!

Oh just before I go....a quick thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your amazingly sweet comments yesterday...I was nervous posting that video and you all single handily made me feel so good about it...thank you, thank you...I heart you like Christmas morning when you're 5.


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