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I am something to share today that is both mildly terrifying and ridonkulously exciting...for me.

A few months ago I received an email from...ahem...House and Home know...this one....

i.e. the fabulous design and decorating glossy that pretty much everyone I know whose anyone reads....yes...that one.

Well it turns out the creative types there were looking to start up a new video series and here's the crazytown part...they wanted ME to be a part of it...yes me... I died....and then I got veeeeeerrrry nervous and died some more...

See there I am...on the House and Home website...and the best part...I'm in fabalicious turns out that H&H had the brilliant idea to ask a few bloggers to take part so there you see me alongside Tara from the amazing food blog Seven Spoons and the hilarious duo Joy and Janet of Moggit Girl fame.

So here's how the whole thing rolled out...a month or so went by after the initial email and then it was shootskit time.

Well let me back up a bit...before the big day I was given the challenge directive...for a $100 I had to select things from the Real Canadian Superstore that I thought were everyday living fall essentials...and here's the big surprise, while other people chose a shopping list of goodies, I managed to zero in on the most expensive items listed and came away with a grand total of TWO things...are you surprised?  
Probably not:)

After the items were picked and my choices were noted, it was shootski day.
I drove downtown and headed directly for the home design showroom for the Real Canadian Superstore...and that's when the real fun began.

I was make-uped...filmed...interviewed...and filmed some more.
It was Sahara Desert hot styles and I was final exam for Med School kind of nervous but....turns out it was also a complete and utter of those parallel universe kind of days where you see a flash of a different life...and this one was one where people did my make-up so that I actually looked sort of OK and stuff...and I sort of felt like a movie was beaucoup fun and at the end of it all, I felt pretty good about the whole thing.

All of this took place in July and then I received an email a few days ago that our videos were live so please be kind, I'm going to show mine to you...

just click on the above and you'll be directed to my little moment in the sun....eek...typing this and actually leading you there is making me feel a little nauseous.

Take a minute while you are there to also watch Tara's and the Moggit's videos...they're brilz.

So there you have 2:51 minutes of fame...thank you House and Home...I'll take what I can get and this was an experience I'll never honoured!!!

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