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The temperature was blazing yesterday in Washington, but once the sun goes down there's no mistaking the first crispness of fall in the air. The white pants and summer prints have been retired, and it's time to look forward to jackets, coats, scarves, and all the fabulous outerwear opportunities that fall and winter bring. Before the temps really drop, it's nice to have some transitional pieces that will get you into the fall spirit without causing you heat stroke.

I've got a Patagonia Micro Puff vest that I wore to pieces last year, and find that vests are both flattering and versatile. This season I'm looking to supplement with something a little funkier and I'm thinking that a fur vest may be just the ticket.

Not exactly one like this, mind you. But the Olsen twins, extreme as they may be, always make a fur vest look glam.

I really like Sienna Miller's fitted version- it's a statement without being over the top. In contrast to Rachel Zoe, whose middle name is "over the top." That vest probably weighs more than she does!

And yeah, I'm not aspiring for the big bird look (though in my eyes, Kate can do no wrong. She's simply a style icon). However, it would take more than a few cocktails to get me out of the house sporting this...

An etherial white fur vest can even be the pefect topper to your cocktail or formal attire- or to your wedding dress, as the J Crew photo below shows us.

Fur vests run the gamut in terms of pricing- even if you go faux, that doesn't necessarily make it dirt cheap. Here are a few of my favorites. I'm really in favor of a fitted silhouette, perhaps slightly cropped. I tried to select items that are actually wearable- I'd be happy to have any of these in my closet! 

Urban Outfitters Ecote Faux Fur Vest. Visualize it with a shirt underneath that has sleeves, and you'll like it better!

Faux Fur Vest from Ann Taylor Loft. From the picture, this faux fur looks pretty darn convincing. Not all faux is created equal, that's for sure. Might have to go peep this in person this week. Loft is always sending out coupons, so check your mailbox!

Old Navy Faux Fur. Smaller sizes are sold out, but I bet they have them in stores.

Joie Rabbit Fur Vest. The white keeps this a little dressier and I can see this actually working in a [fashionable] office or at a cocktail party.

Alice & Olivia Flutter Faux Fur Vest. Because it's fun! Sort of Kate Moss light.

Milly Rabbit Fur Vest with Quilted Leather. I know the pictures don't do this justice, but I bet it's gorgeous and detailed in person. Milly always gets it right.

Express (Minus the) Fur Embellished Vest. I don't remember the last time I went to Express...but this could draw me back in!

Are you a fan of the fur vest? Great style statement or a bit too over the top for your taste?
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