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Until college, I never knew that a church key meant anything other than a key used to unlock a church door.  My dad, designated the "main greeter" at church because of his outgoing personality, has always been the first to arrive on Sunday morning and unlock all the church doors (before the 8:30am service no less!).  He then stands on the front porch and greets everyone as they come in.  And while my dad will have the occasional glass of wine at dinner, he isn't much of a drinker and has never touched a beer in front of me.  So it wasn't until one Friday night in college when my then-boyfriend-now-husband said, "Toss me a church key" that I learned the more irreverent definition of a church key:  namely, a beer bottle opener.

Of course, church keys originally got their name because they look so much like old skeleton keys.  Back in the post-prohibition days when beer only came in a can (a can that had to be punctured to open it), people would refer to the beer opener on their keychain as a church key (in a very tongue-in-cheek manner of course).  Today, the church key typically refers to the flat side of those openers pictured above, used to open bottles that don't have a twist-off-top.

Now that I am familiar with this new meaning of church key, I have to admit it is a bit more fun than the literal definition.  And whether vintage or new, bottle openers can be such a fun (and practical!) accessory to add to your bar.  I bought this lobster opener for my husband a few weeks ago, as I wrote about here.

If you want to make a small but rewarding purchase, check out etsy and eBay for vintage bottle openers. 

 Here are some of our favorites:

If you're on the right side of the aisle...

Or the left side of the aisle...

For less kitch and more chic, how about an opener with a monogrammed sterling handle?  Not your monogram?  Who cares!

Also worth noting, vintage bottle openers make a great gift for those men in your life for whom gift-giving is always such a challenge... 

So tell us- do you have a church key in your house?
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