Ann Taylor LOFT: Epic Fail

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I had a troubling experience at Ann Taylor LOFT today. Normally we're singing LOFT's praises on our blog (just earlier today we featured one of their tops, and last week we featured their faux fur vest), but after today, I'm not sure I'll ever set foot in one of their stores again.

A zipper broke on a dress I'd payed full price for. I forget exactly how much it was, but it was in the $60-$70 range. I'd worn it maybe 3 times. The zipper broke on the second washing (and yes, I washed it on gentle per the care instructions). It didn't seem to make sense to pay $20+ to replace the zipper on this $60 dress. So I took it into LOFT hoping they could either fix it or give me some sort of credit. Nice as can be, I explained the situation to the sales girl (who also happened to be the manager).

"We can give you the current selling price since you don't have the receipt," the sales girl said.

 "Ok, and what's that?" I asked.

 "Well let's's on sale for $4.85, and plus an additional 25% that will be $3.88."

My jaw dropped. SERIOUSLY?? THREE DOLLARS AND EIGHTY EIGHT CENTS? I'd be fine with her saying $40. Or even $30. I understand that things go on sale, and I didn't have my receipt. But a lousy $3.88? It seemed like a big "screw you" to me.

Interestingly enough, the exact same thing happened to a friend of mine two weeks ago- she had a LOFT dress that turned her skin green from the dye every time she wore it. So she took it back and got the same lousy "current selling price" treatment- but at least she got $7 out of the deal rather than $3.88.

I think this policy is atrocious. I understand that things go on sale, but honestly, who ACTUALLY could have bought this dress for $3.88? It flew off the shelves at full price- I refuse to believe it actually sat around on the sales rack long enough to be reduced to a price that's cheaper than a sandwich. Maybe hypothetically that's the selling price, but practially speaking, give me a break.

So. I refused the $3.88 credit and instead called the company. Supposedly my complaint has been forwarded to corporate and they should contact me in 3-5 days. We'll see if that happens. Until then, shame on LOFT for this shoddy return policy. Until this changes, I'll be taking my money elsewhere.

*Just wanted to clarify based on comments- I did ask if they would replace the zipper or pay the replacement cost, and received the response "That's just not something we do." Either repair or credit would have been fine with me!*
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