Wink of Pink # 9 - Avec le Noir

Style :
Pink and black...a brave combo this is not always the easiest to execute.
If the pink leans a little too fuchsia and the black is a little too ornate/baroque in it's application, things start looking a little garish.
Having said that, done with a light hand, this union can be quite special.

pink and oh so chic


Manuel Rebollo

{pictures via bear extraordinaire, 10 Rooms, The Decorista,  Paris in Pink, Haute Design, Diary of Lovely,
 Tumblr/Sheena PrinsesaRue, The Alternative Wife, Bazaar of Serendipity, Interior Design Story,
Material Girls, Barbie is not a Bitch}

Based on the appearance of my blog, clearly this is a combo I think can be quite fabulous.
Just make sure you do it right;)

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