Wednesday Wallpaper - Turner Pocock Cazalet

Style :
Turner Pocock.
A British design firm established by Bunny Turner and Emma Pocock.
And now, a new wallpaper line inspired by the artistry of Catherine Cazalet, available through the
Wallpaper Collective.

Joining forces, the trio have produced papers that are hand drawn and built from a "love of colour, composition and the history and origins of design."
Rich in pattern and holding a whimsical voice, these papers are playful yet restrained.
Grown up fun if you will.
A distinct modernity is apparent but an homage to a bygone era lurks quietly in the background...upon close inspection, this inspiration seems all to obvious. 

Here is a preview of the line mixed with some editorial brilliance.
A tour through the ages.

I so hope you enjoyed this little voyage into the world of Turner Pocock Cazalet...


I find myself quite charmed by the chameleon like quality of each design.
These wallpapers can become the backdrop for a wide palate of styles and hold their ground in any setting.
They manage to fell historical and contemporary all at the same time.
And this my friends, is a most certainly a winning combination.

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