Vintage Belts as Eyecatching Necklaces

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For quite a while I have loved the look of statement necklaces.  Whether layered or beaded, as far as I am concerned, the bigger the better.  They can make an otherwise uneventful outfit look stylish and fresh.  Big necklaces can even make an outfit more flattering.  For instance, if you are wearing a color that washes you out, adding a necklace in a flattering color makes your face glow.  Or if you are wearing a neckline that isn't perfect for your body type, a substantial necklace can change the visual lines of the outfit.

My least favorite thing about eyecatching necklaces is their price tag.  Stores like JCrew and Banana Republic bring decent quality at an affordable price, but even so, you are usually looking at around $100 for a piece of costume jewelry.  And it only goes up from there.  The other day I was in a vintage shop looking through their massive collection of gold chain belts and had an idea...  Why not use these belts as necklaces?  Certainly they are a bit out-of-date to wear around your waist, but they would look fabulous around your neck.  So I grabbed a few to take home and try out!

My total purchase:

Gold coin belt

Gold chain with rhinestones and a tassel

Gold cording with big gold clamshells

I wore the first two together on Saturday night and loved the look!  Buying them as necklaces would have cost a pretty penny, but as vintage belts, they were less than $10 each!

Here are some belts that I've found on etsy that would look great as necklaces!

eBay has a great selection as well, and these are probably something you could even find in thrift or consignment stores.  Many of them have jewelry-like clasps, so it would not be obvious that you are wearing a belt as a necklace.  And the length is great- wear them as a single strand for a long necklace, or double them to hit around your collar bone.  So what do you think- would you wear a belt as a necklace? 
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