thigh hi.

Style :

H&M oversized sweater and circle scarf; american apparel cotton thigh-high socks; forever 21 oval ring and studded watch; charlotte russe chain bracelet; target bracelet; vintage native american cuff; nine west wedges.

been wearing these thick thigh-high socks out to dinner, around the house, to comfortable and warm. oh, & i had shorts on underneath this sweater =)

the weather here has finally realized that it's fall, so all of my new goodies are getting to come out and play.

loved piling all of my favorite bracelets on one arm, but there's a sad story behind it - 99% of my jewelry is from forever 21, and recently, all of my necklaces have tarnished to the point where i don't even want to wear them (and i usually wear one everyday). what's even worse is that two of them are just a few weeks old. if you look close, you can see that my studded watch is now tarnished on side. =(

tried clear nail polish to prevent it, tried some random boiling water + aluminum foil + baking powder combination to remove the damage, and nothing seems to work. am i just doomed due to the inevitable fact that f21's jewelry is cheap, so it's just gonna happen? if anyone has any tips to help prevent cheap jewelry from tarnishing, or to remove it, PLEASE let me know.

maybe it's time to step it up and splurge on some jewlery that's not so expendable, because without my signature pieces, i feel naked.
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