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This has been one of those crazy crazy weeks, where I feel like the proverbial dog that caught the car.  So today's blog post is short and sweet.

A few weeks ago, I made a quick run over to some thrift stores during my lunch break.  They are so hit or miss, and to be honest, it had been a looonnnggg time since I had a "hit" there.  I have Patrick Bateman methodical tendencies when it comes to my thrift store routine.  I always park in the same place, heading first through furniture, then taking a right to skim through the lamps, then a quick glance across art (not sure why because I never ever find anything there), and then I start at the far right side of the household tschotskes and work my way down...  90% of the time I don't find a thing.  But that 10% keeps me coming back.  If you like to dig, you know exactly what I am talking about.

This time, I found nothing in the furniture, but when I glanced over at the lamps, this stately brown ceramic horsehead lamp had just been placed on the shelf.  He was certainly not much to look at in his natural state...

But a quick coat of trusty white Rustoleum (see Centsational Girl's invaluable spray paint advice here), and what a difference it makes!

I added a simple black drum shade, and he is just right on top of my lucite bar cart.

A little Hollywood Regency touch for my house!

So tell us- have you had any thrift store "hits" lately?
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