Houston... We Have a Problem

Style : I am obsessed with fabric.  This wouldn't be such a bad thing were it not for a budget that is about to revolt or a home that is almost at full capacity in the glorious pattern department.  But surely there must be room in the chequebook and/or floor plan for just a little more?  Is it weird that I think about moving just so I can have more room for all of the fabrics I love? First, there is this one by Zimmer and Rhode that I have just discovered on ebay- pink, red, elephants... I lurv it!!

Or this one by Clarence House, which has huge blooms and amazing colour.  There must be somewhere I can use it?

I have also fallen for this fabric by Hazelton House.  The very talented Jamie, who owns Furbish Studio, used this fabric to make the gorgeous bench below.  Luckily, these pretty blooms might actually come home with me.  I have a pair of antique french chairs in the foyer and hope to use the fabric for the chair backs.  I ordered a bold black and white geometric for the front.


And then there is this by Abigail Borg.  Surely to god my sofa needs a few more pillows because I don't think I am capable of refusing pillows that have an abstract floral made with pink, orange and yellow.
via Shelter

And one last problem, this divine Christopher Farr fabric (that I ordered from the very talented Katie at Revival) just arrived in the mail and for the life of me, I can't figure out where to use it.  The pattern and colour are perfect in my living room but there just isn't room for any more upholstered pieces.  The design is too big and glorious to waste on something small so thinking caps on.

Where there is a will there is a way and I am determined to "make it work," as my favourite mentor ever Tim Gunn would say.

via Boston.com

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