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I'm so excited to be over at Danielle Oakey today talking about one of my favourite subjects...fabric!!!
For this post, I'm previewing the prints I love most in my home.

I am such a fan of Danielle's.
She's fabulously stylish and has completed some of the best DIYs on the planet.
Her blog is filled with so much creative inspiration and is most certainly one of my daily must reads.

danielle oakey interiors

Here's a little black, white, yellow and blue preview of all that's gorgeous over at Danielle Oakey.

And PS, I'd be remiss if I didn't show you at least one of her fabulous DIYs and an example of her mad design skills.
Have a look at these deer heads (there's actually two of them.)
If you haven't read how she made these little beauties, you have to click over and have a little peak at her tutorial....amazing!
And here's a little design board of Danielle's.
 Hello gorgeous.
And with that, I hope you enjoy my little textile tour a la Bijou.
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