Burn Baby Burn: Chic Firewood

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It may only be the beginning of October, but Christmas merchandise has already hit the shelves and according to our favorite retailers, it's time to start getting in the holiday spirit. We're not ready to haul out the holly just yet - it's not even Barbour weather - but one thing you can do to get your home in the fall/winter spirit is start prepping your fireplace. Firewood doesn't have to be an afterthought that you store in a closet. Pile it up and make it work for you as a design statement.

Even if your home is more mid century modern than middle-of-the-woods, more Domino than Daktoa, more Thomas Paul than Paul Bunyan, firewood can still be absolutely chic. And the best part is, when those cold and dark nights to finally roll around, you'll never find yourself without supplies for a roaring fire.

Jonathan Adler stays demure, while still making the firewood front and center.

This firewood is almost stacked too artfully to use!

Domino makes firewood FUN! This should get her through the whole winter.

Coloring the ends of your firewood. A fun project for the kiddos on a snowy day?


I love the little firewood nook here.

Get creative with where you store your firewood. This bin is a bit rustic, but you could easily use something more polished for a rough/sleek contrast- how about a lacquer planter?

 I love the organic firewood contrasted with the cold white floor and chair.

I *think* this is an old Pottery Barn catalog picture. Not 100% my style, but wow, heads and shoulders above today's generic brown and beige Pottery Barn styling.

MoS's meager firewood supply last year. What can I say, I'm usually more of a Duraflame type of girl. This year I'll do it right, though!

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