Bijou Rooms...Take One

Style : When I started this blog a few weeks ago, I wasn't entirely sure about the direction I wanted it to take.  As it has started to evolve, I have begun to see that I want the blog to be a place where I can share inspirations that I discover, as well as those that I create.  To that end, I hope to start designing some inspiration rooms that are not necessarily for my own home (although I will continue to do those as well:)  These rooms will begin with a single item that I want to design around and go from there- some will be purely fantasy, and others will be more attainable.  For the first room, I started with a gorgeous pair of regency chairs that I found this morning on ebay and put together a living room that I would actually love to have in real life.
The chairs, leopard stools and green glass lamps are all from ebay.  The sofa is from Jayson Home and Garden and the lucite/brass coffee table is by Jan Showers.  The wallpaper is Cole and Son and is designed by Vivienne Westwood; it's called magnolia.  The area rug is called Key Shadow and is by Suzanne Sharp and the glass bubble chandelier is Lindsey Adelman.  The fabrics for the room are La Fiorentina by David Hicks and Hollywood Grape by Neisha Crosland. 
What do you think???
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