And you think your apartment is small?

Style : So you could use a bigger closet. Or a guest room for impromptu weekend visitors. A second bedroom would be nice to use as an office; a formal dining room would be an asset for large parties. 

Well, you might reconsider your circumstances after reading about Malena Georgieva's wee 200 square foot studio, featured this week in the New York Times. View the slideshow (I wasn't able to download the photos to use here). You won't be disappointed- the home is quite thrifty and stylish- and what's more, you'll feel like you're living in a palace! I especially loved her tip about mounting her cable box underneath her desk- not a bad idea no matter what size your house is- cable boxes are quite heinous!

Georgieva pays $1,750/month for this studio. Which, for a 200 square foot place, seems quite exorbitant, even by crazy NYC standards. However, it's two blocks from the Dakota on West 72nd Street, which may explain the sticker shock...

Still, I think I could do without location location location to buy me another hundred square feet or so...could you?

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