Wednesday Wallpaper- Toile and St Honore

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I like Toile as much as the next girl and appreciate its rich history but, in all honesty, I find most of it to be kind of bland (sorry to my toile loving friends out there) - I think its the subtle colour palate and small pattern- it just not my thing.  And then I discovered some 'they're not your gramma's toiles' and a lightbulb of love went off.  Here are some of my favourites.

{Flavor Paper Chinatown Toile}

{ K-Lou Shop Toile De Joui}

{Manuel Canovas Bengale}

{ New Orleans Toile (fabric)- Bryan Batt via here}

{Harlem Toile- Sheila Bridges}

{South Beach Toile by Jessica Smith- Studio Printworks}

{London Toile- Timorous Beasties}

{Trash Day Toile (fabric)- Domestic Element}

I think what differentiates these from more historic toiles is their bold use of colour.  I also love the subject matter seen in many of them and appreciate how the pictures are an artistic commentary on modern life.
In my quest for all things toile, I came across these wall tiles by French company St Honore.

Amazing right!!!  And then- the following ensued.  It all began rather innocently.  I found the tiles with a Google search, proceeded to the website, looked at the tiles, noticed the company also made wallpaper, and then this:  Me with jaw open- 'No words...this line is making me rethink a few things- it's ridiculous-  but that always happens- I might never actually order wallpaper- it's just like when I was picking out my wedding dress- there might always be something better out there- e-gatz!!!'  Mouth closes and I remember I've already picked the wallpaper for the house and I'm not changing course- snap back to reality- enough with this brain nonsense.  But then 'maybe I'm wrong?' and I revert back to this:

PARROTS in PINK with little black dots and foliage all vintagy and pretty has to come home with me- argh.. ADORE!!!!

This parrot paper is by the French St Honore.  Here is a small sampling of their work.

These pictures really don't do justice to the line so please, jump over and look at the gorgeousness that is St Honore.  
And to close this wild tangent of a post, let me leave you with this...Be it amazingly vibrant modern toile or amazingly super cool French wallpaper companies, I'm giving two huge thumbs up (as I always do) for modern bold wallpaper- go ahead...plaster your homes with it- I promise it'll be OK:)
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