Twitter and Help and Candy...and an edit

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So I have caved to peer pressure and started a twitter page-  To say I have absolutely no idea what I am doing would be a MASSIVE understatement- so far it feels like I am reading Japanese but I'm hoping I might have a fighting chance of being able to sort it all out.   Anyhoo, my twitter sight might not end up being anything of interest to anyone, but please follow anyways:) xo

Also, I need some bloggy help- Can someone please tell me how to:
1. get my header to center {edit- thank you Ashely- it only took 27 bloody attempts but it is now centered- I'm thinking it is a bit huge but can't spend one more minute on it right now- need at least one glass of wine before I make the 29th attempt at getting it right:)
2. have the little gadget at the bottom of each screen that shows little pictures of related posts {edit- thank you Amy!! It was easy and worked!}
3. how to sign you name at the bottom without leaving the huge gap of space {edit- the space isn't so enormous now that problem #2 has been remedied so I'm OK with it for now}
4. how top put Twitter/Facebook  follow me button on toolbar {edit- thank you Shannon- I haven't had a chance to do this yet but I'm sure it will work thanks to your hints}


To thank you in advance for your troubles, a little gorgeous room candy:) xoxo

Love the artwork

Love the gramma couch and stone wall- the whole think looks weirdly and pleasantly old

Love the brown velvet and plaid and floral settee and white brick

Love the panelling

Love everything- mostly the fur

Love Julianne Moore and the house that she rode in on

Love you my readers and followers- thanks for making this whole blog thing feel good
(and the pink heart, lamp and table)  

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