The Fam Jam- A Halloween Story

Style :
The Setting

A quiet street somewhere in Ontario.

{spray paint is your friend- especially when it is pink or gold spray paint}

The Cast

Moi in some witch/flapper get up
{flapper witch lady now wants to wear fascinators and glam jewelery everyday- the mask, not soo much- highly annoying}

Natasha - fat prisoner with a Snow White wig turned mullet

Scarlett- bouquet of posies
 {hot glue guns rule}

Malcolm- Skeleton
{note to all of those who make their kid's costumes, after spending hours sewing the shirt, flapper witch discovered iron on binding tape works just as well and takes a tenth the time}

Missing from pictures- man dressed as middle aged dad


Act One- All cast members assemble for toddler parade through the streets with the neighbours

{Skeleton boy is first to charge ahead}

{as daddy character chases skeleton, the girls use the time for photo ops}

{flapper witch lady's heart melts when she sees her bouquet and skeleton walking down the street hand in hand}

Act Two- head to neighbours house for little party party

{Ms. Bloom is always ready to strike a pose- especially when it's en route to a soiree}

{skeleton boy loves rocking his sister's leather bomber}

No actual party pics- flapper witch and middle aged dad were too busy warming up with some drinkie poos...and minding the kids of course:)

Act three- trick-or treating

{apparently party stop over has made flapper witch a happy girl}

Finale- the story ends with two kids who were way too sugared up to sleep, many frozen fingers, two exhausted parents and many happy memories!!!

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