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I am so happy to say a giant warm hello to Chassity of Look Linger Love.
I'm pretty sure I've already spoken of my sincere adoration for this girl, but allow me to reiterate for just a second.
In this huge blogging world, Chassity is one of my nearest and dearest.
She's exceedingly sweet, ridiculously stylish and simply the epitome of chic.
Her blog is absolutely on my must read list and I adore her daily reviews of all things gorgeous.
Here's a little glimpse of the girl we all know and love.


Hi there fellow Bijou & Boheme stalkers readers.  Chassity here from Look Linger Love, and I'm pretty darn happy to be visiting one of the prettiest corners of the web today.  This here space is one of my favorites and feels like home.  So I happily accepted Christine's invitation to share my own personal take on style in this lovely series.  So hard to narrow down, but here are a few beauties that are currently speaking to me.

via Mi Casa

Where to start?  I love it all, especially the shades of pink, detailed ceiling, chandelier, and all of those drapes.  And that brick wall.  Love the brick wall.

I love a big and glamorous cake.  This shimmery gold frosting is a dream.  Really, I dreamed about this.  Now you will too.

In most all areas of my life I'm a girly girl with a little bit of an edge.  And when it comes to fashion, dresses and skirts are my most favorite items to wear.  This ensemble is right in line for what I might wear out for a date with my husband or a girl's night.  Minus the Minnie Mouse-esque buns, my hair isn't quite long enough.

Art by Sally Benedict

Art is one of the best ways to express yourself in your home.  One of my favorite activities is strolling in and out of downtown Charleston's many exquisite galleries.  This painting above is by one of my favorites, Sally Benedict.  The colors in this piece blend perfectly and spark interest. 

There is not one thing about this room that is not absolute perfection.  If there were ever a room inspiration for me, this here is it.

I have a go with the flow and just enjoy life attitude.  What's the fun in having the people and things you love around you if you don't take the time to sit and fully enjoy them?

And on that note, I surround myself with my favorite things so that I can see them everyday... decorate with pretty baubles, bags, scarves, shoes...  You'll enjoy them all the much more.

Thanks for having me today, Christine.  

XOXO, Everyone.

Thanks so much Chassity... love your style!!!

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