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Until Monday, it had been months since I'd wandered the shoe section of a department store. The advantage: I haven't spent any money on shoes. The disadvantage: apparently I'm woefully out of touch with the trends. 

On a quick quest for shoes to wear to an election night event, I popped into the usually-dependable Nordstrom. But when this was the first pair I saw, I felt like I'd somehow wandered into a stripper supply store. 

Yes, those are 5.25" heels with a 1.25" platforms, all covered in purple glitter. Steve Madden's "Caryssa."

Steve Madden "Caryssa" Glitter Platform Pumps

And as I looked around, I realized most of the shoes on the shelves right now are redefining the term "heels." A four inch heel used to be considered high...these days that's practically a kitten heel.

And apparently it takes a healthy dose of glitter to really do a metallic stiletto heel justice.

I fled Nordstrom and headed to Bloomies, where the situation was a bit less dire. But still, the platform on these Via Spiga heels makes them look like they should be paired with fishnets little else... 

I ended up with this pair of patent heels by Michael Kors- the style is called "Glitter." They're definitely higher than anything in my closet!

I'm calling this trend the Victoria Beckham effect. For years she's been traipsing around town in ungodly designer heels, and the look has finally trickled down to mass marketplace.


 Gravity defying. There must be flats stashed somewhere in that humongous purse!

How high are the highest heels in your closet?? And P.S.- after two hours in my Michael Kors heels I switched to flats!
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