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This is where I wish I had spent the day yesterday 
(with a cup of hot coffee in the am and a glass of red in the pm)

{JKL design}
No such luck. 

I received a sample of the Timorous Beasties McGegan Rose paper on Friday and my head has been spinning ever since.  I absolutely love it but I'm not totally sold on replacing my beloved ostriches.  I'm also not sure if it would be too much pink alongside the already pink living room.  As well, the curtains for the kitchen will be a floral so I don't know if I want another floral in such close proximity.  Having said all that, I am so smitten with the paper that I am leaving the option open for now.  The artwork in this option if also from JKL- love!  If it doesn't end up in the foyer, I might have to find a place for it in my bedroom.  In this scenario,  I might consider the black and white photograph above- I think the photograph would be delightful above my bed.

In option two, we're back to the Ostriches but I replaced the artwork with this completely gorgeous JKL piece that I posted about yesterday.  Again, if it doesn't go here, I am pretty sure I will find a place for it elsewhere; it's a must have for me.   It's hard to tell in the picture but her eyeshadow is actually the more lilac colour so I like how it plays off the carpet.  It could also work really well in the master against the Rose paper- many choices!

This is the original scheme and I think I still like it best.  The only real issue I have with it is that I was considering moving this artwork to the master because I think it would be a great compliment to the yellow settee I'm hoping to buy.

Along with decisions about how to dress the hallway, I am a little strung out on what to do with the Craigslist chairs.  We started the upholstery process yesterday and let's just say it didn't go as well as I had hoped.  Here's the gorry details- first in picture form-

And now in words- We started by taking out the nail heads with a flathead screwdriver (hubby's job.)  The first surprise was that the nail heads weren't actually nail heads but one long string of round metal buttons.  As soon as we pried them away from the chair, they bent and broke into pieces and were therefore, garbage.  Next, I started on the staples using a pair of pliers- most every staple broke and I ended up having to take both halves out by levering the wrench against the chair; this resulted in many gouges in the wood and me cursing.  As I started taking off the fabric, the foam actually started to crumble away so even though I was led to believe they were newly reupholstered, no such luck.  So now,  I also have to replace the foam- sounds easy enough but there are no foam stores open here until Monday, so me not happy.  I decided to head up to Michaels and see if they had anything that could substitute and paid $30 for some quilt batting that the lady said would work- great.  So, at the end of day one, we have one chair totally ripped apart, no real foam, and totally hacked up wood.  This leads to the dilemma. I had intended to leave the wood as it is but no such luck on that deal so my two options are to either go gold or flat black- thoughts?  I also am trying to decide if this whole thing is worth it or if I should just haul the two sad chairs over to our upholsterer, pay the $400 and get them done properly.  To be honest, I am heavily leaning towards plan B.  If, on top of wrecking the wood, I mess up my gorgeous fabric, I will honestly loose my mind.  Sorry for the long boring rendition of the days events but I'm at a bit of a loss here. 

In happier news, I spent part of the day ( before noted chair debacle) at Holt Renfrew and how sweet its aisles were!  I sat at the YSL counter for 30 glorious quiet minutes and had a new face put on.  I'd almost forgotten how great getting your make-up done feels- such a treat. I walked away with the best foundation I have ever had in my life-  Teint Majeur.

I also tried these Cole Haan Air Chatham boots on and they shot up to the very top of Christmas list 2010
Also on the x-mas list, this print (along with the ones on the hallway board number one and two) by Leigh Viner of  JKL. I'm now totally obsessed with her work.

And if at all possible, though not likely, this-
{via here}

Ok, so no fur hammock- I'll take one of these instead

Just one more...this Endless rug from Madeline Weinrib

And finally, the best part of my Saturday-

1. finding this little monster with his bum up in the air sleeping on the living room floor as I was cooking dinner

2. opening up the Walmart Christmas flyer and seeing my little sweet redhead in it:)

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