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Happy November, everyone! This morning we're excited to feature a project that MoS reader Melissa shared with us recently. We love hearing & seeing what our readers are up to, so if you ever have a project you want to share, send it along to us at

Reader Melissa wrote:

I am so thankful to you guys for inspiring me to try new things. I have loved experimenting with different projects and even impressed myself with my abilities!!

The first project is the black and white china-hutch. Our office is right off the kitchen and I needed it to fit glasses and some Mackenzie-Child's items but also needed it to go with the black and white theme of the office and not look to dinning-roomish. I took the doors off and painted it black and white.

Here's the before:

And here's the after! We looove the black and white color scheme. Very Dorothy Draper!

And here's a peek at her lovely desk area.

The second project was the issue of the coffee table/ottoman. I found these cubes from Home Goods(so thankful that it is here!!!) but they were in a drab fabric. I covered them and was even able to reattach them so that they can still open and be used for storage. I can either put them in front of the couched or move them to flank the fireplace so the kids have the whole rug to play. Who knew little people could take up SO much room!!!  Again, thanks so much for the inspiration. Keep up the fun, educational and inspiring posts.


And after!

Thank you, Melissa! If you have a project you'd like to share, just drop us a line at!
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