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I've been working on a few ideas for both my daughter Scarlett's room and for our master bedroom.
Thought you might want a little peek.

Here is a little snapshot of what Scarlett's room looks like now.

At the moment, the walls are a soft pink and the furniture is both pink and soft green.
There's also a pink chandelier, lace curtains, and a white vanity that aren't visible in the pictures.
I'd eventually like to update her room to incorporate her favourite
Scarlett tells everyone that she loves red- her tag line is always "my name is Scarlett, just like my hair and my favourite colour is red."  She basically tells this to every person that she ever encounters- her love of red runs deep.
She also likes to tell people that my favourite colour is pink so in keeping with this colour story, here's is what I've come up with.

I thought we'd start with the amazing Designer's Guild wallpaper- called Orangerie.
This is the paper that the amazingly talented Summer Thornton has in her office.
I ADORE it (and ps, thanks to Alex for providing me with my first sighting of this gorgeous room.)

As part of the room, I thought of painting out her bed red, and adding some little accessories to what she already has.
The ruffled sheets, fur pink pillow and rug are from Anthropologie, the elephant print is from John Murphy (he was so kind to send us one after the giveaway and is just arrived yesterday,) the hugs pillow is
Jonathan Adler and the fabric (curtains) is Ferrick Mason. And of course, everyone's favourite poster (which is definitely my favourite of the very popular posters) For Like Ever- the colours are just too perfect to resist.
Basically, the only significant change is the wallpaper...the rest or the pretty is just accessories- the furniture all stays the same.
I'd love to know your thoughts.  Do you think the room can handle that wallpaper on all of the walls?  My other choice for wallpaper is Nina Campbell Perroquet.
I have loved this one forever but it lacks the hit of red I really want for the room.

And now, for the master.
I spent the entire day last Wednesday painting the room.
It used to be a pale grey/blue and for whatever reason, it was always just really dull.
Because we have the wall of white sheers, I decided to go with a crisp white...I used Behr Swan Wing and it really is a pure white.
I also painted out all of the baseboards and crown moulding the same colour.  And did I mention that I did all of this painting entirely by myself?  Hello 9 hours. 
If you remember, I has purchased an old frame that I wanted to put it around our flat screen tv. After painting the walls the same colour, we were able to get the frame up and it's perfect.
Here is how the room looks now and I have to warn you...que horror movie sound track...I have a set of matching bedroom furniture- argh!!! We bought it when we were first married and it is actually a beautiful set from the Art Shoppe but it matches and there is no way on god's green earth that hubs will let me sell it.  I think it's kind of like his last stand.  After I sold basically ever piece of furniture we owned, he's holding on to this set for dear life so I just have to work around it.  We'll see.
Anyhow- here's the very white room.

And here's a before shot of how the room looked just after painting without any art on the walls...i.e bare!!!

And now, a little mock-up of a few ideas.
Not entirely sure if this is what it will end up looking like but I sure had fun playing the 'stick a picture on an original room shot' game.

To begin with, again inspired by the lovely Summer Thonton, I want to panel the walls with moulding and put wallpaper inside the panels.
Here is her bedroom shot.
And ps, I'd also really like those lamps or something like them- gorge!

And pss, that O&L Asuka wallpaper is going in my master bathroom only in the silver/pink colourway.

I'd like to have a lot of moulding on the walls to start with.
Something like this...what would I do without Ms. Thonton for inspiration?

The wallpaper that I've picked is Osborne and Little/Suzy Hoodless Davidia.
It's white palm leaves on a white background with silver/metallic accents.

So, try to imagine these walls with the moulding and wallpaper.
As well, the kitchen chandelier will be moved to our room and the big white IKEA poofball will do down to the playroom.

Here's one option I've been playing with based on a colour scheme of blue, emerald green and gold.

The redyed rug is from Elte- they basically take vintage rugs and redye them in vibrant colours- I've seen them in person a few times and they're amazing.
The artwork above the bed is by Peggy Wolf and the ones above the bedside tables are Nicole Cohen.
The ruffled pillows are Anthropologie and the fur numbers are from Elte.
The stools are Nate Berkus for HSN (and ps, they are like $120- so cheap.)
Additional fabric for the room is the Rubie Green Jackie leopard print (that is being made into cushions as we speak) and my Louise Body Erotica, which I'd use to cover the stools.
The lamps are some numbers I found on 1st Dibs and I replaced the hardware on the bedside table with some gold larger pieces.
The green loveseat/settee is just one that I was able to find in the right colour.  The amazing Meredith Heron (while on vacation no less) has suggested something like this Lee Jofa beauty.
PS, LOOOVE this sofa.

The master bedroom mock-up is definitely just a start.  The plan needs some feminine pretty in there as well to balance off some of the harder, more artwork (on the long wall) that's a bit softer, and some bedding/throws etc.
I'm sure the design will morph a few thousand times before I'm really happy with it but but wanted to show you the process, so to speak.
In any event, the kitchen reno is the major priority for this year so there will be very little budget left for other spaces.
For now, these are just some ideas I'm putting together and I hope to get at least the wallpapering done soon.

PS, computer decorating is FUN!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone and thanks as always for taking the time to visit and leave such sweet comments.
I'm inspired daily by you and your words.

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