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 This past weekend, we decided to make a last-minute trip to Montreat.  The beautiful fall leaves had already turned brown and fallen to the ground, but it was just so nice to escape the busyness and chaos of every day life and have a weekend with absolutely nothing on the calendar.  We spent sunny afternoons on the porch, catching up on our latest magazines, and then bundling up under blankets to drink hot cider and red wine, looking at the stars that we never get to see from our house in Charlotte.  Just learning to walk, baby boy loved crunching through the leaves in the driveway. 

On Saturday we went into Asheville to buy baby boy his first "real" pair of shoes at Tops.  Tops is a large shoe store in downtown Asheville where my whole family has shopped for as long as I can remember.  Growing up, when we were in Montreat for Thanksgiving or the 4th of July, my grandmother would always take the grandchildren to Tops for new shoes.  I remember buying my first pair of "fancy" (meaning not Keds or Sebagos) shoes at Tops, some Calvin Klein black flats when I was in the 7th grade.   My grandmother can no longer make the trip from Charlotte to Montreat as easily as she used to, so this time my mom was the grandmother taking her grandchild shoe shopping.  

Hot mama-to-be Katharine grew up in Asheville and has always told me about a place near Biltmore Village called The Tobacco Barn.  We decided to stop by on our way back to Montreat after shoe shopping, and wow, if I didn't have a tired baby and hungry husband, my mom and I could have spent all day there.   The Tobacco Barn is an absolutely amazing 77,000 square foot warehouse of booths carrying antiques, furniture, and accessories, much like the Sleepy Poet.  Since it's the mountains, the overall slant is a bit more rustic than what you'd find at the Sleepy Poet, but at the same time, the prices were great and there were some fabulous finds that would have flown off the shelves in a bigger city.  I took some pictures so I can share the highlights with you!

A large pair of stone rams that would be gorgeous in a big fireplace or flanking the gate of a fancy house.  I can think of a Carolina fan or two who would love these. 

I saw several of of these large mirrors with metal frames in Greek key patterns.  They were really well-priced at around $48 each.

I can't seem to get enough vintage barware, and this silver-topped set of glasses with a matching pitcher is no exception. 

Isn't this pheasant-feather-adorned ice bucket so perfect for Fall tailgating?

Weather vanes are such a cool accessory for a farmhouse or barn.  I fell in love with the selection at the Tobacco Barn, especially the pointing setter!

I guess people in Asheville don't really go for glittery antique chandeliers the way they do elsewhere.  This trio was to die for, and the prices were unreal.  All were under $200 if I remember correctly.

If MoS Washington had been with me, I know she would have fallen hard for these horns.  They were rather expensive, though, around $475.

This little mahogany china cabinet with intricate fretwork would be so gorgeous in a small dining room.  I have a very similar one in my own dining room.  This one was under $300.

This lifesize metal bulldog is actually a vintage piggy bank.  And only $18!  The blue bucket was not for sale...

I have a faux bamboo brass bar cart exactly like this one that is going home with MoS Washington in a few days.

This pair of vintage glass lamps would be so beautiful in a bedroom.  The PAIR was only $48!!

A gold tole wheat-motif table is on my list of things to own one day.  This one was quite large, perfect for a coffee table, and was less than $150.

Vintage tole chandeliers are another thing that is not so popular among Asheville folks.  The Tobacco Barn had so many fabulous styles, all for between $150 and $200.  I love this one that looks like a birdcage.  Hopefully Katharine will buy it for her nursery.

Wouldn't this koi fountain be so pretty in a courtyard?

This obelisk was quite large and would be really eyecatching in the right room.

I am still dreaming about this dainty ceiling light with crystal feathers.  Wouldn't it be amazing in a powder room?  It was less than $100...

This caramel-colored ceramic horsehead was quite large.  Probably the size of an actual baby horse's head.  And $38.

I am always impressed with people who find fabulous doors at antique or salvage stores.  This glossy black door has the most gorgeous silver hardware around the doorknob.  Isn't it glamorous?  It makes me think of those fab southern California houses like the one in the original Parent Trap.

I love both the etched jade lamps and the table with stools below.  Great prices too, as once again, chinoiserie styles aren't that popular in the NC mountains.

A picture doesn't do this justice.  It's a life-size brass tree (reminds me of C. Jere) that is cleverly lit and serves as a lamp.  I REALLY wanted to bring this home with me, to put in the corner of my living room.  But it was expensive (around $500) and large (the size of a real ficus tree).

In the same vein as the C. Jere-esque brass tree was this wall hanging.  I bet Mr. Adler and Kelly W. would like it too.

In the same booth was a big bin full of antique metal furniture feet.  Ball and claw styles, large and small, and all for around $15 each.  Can you imagine swapping out some boring turned chair legs for these?!

Another tole chandelier, in beautiful bright colors. 

Flanking either side of a door was a pair of HUGE stone eagles.  These were waist-high and absolutely beautiful.  You'd need quite the manse to show these off though.

Unfortunately by the time I made my way to the vintage clothing section, my patient family was ready to leave...  So I didn't get to hunt, although it looked incredible.  As did the fabulous black and gold bar cart being used to transport stacks of vintage clothes. 

My heart skipped a beat when I was walking out the door and saw this Eames lounger and ottoman.  I wish I knew more about authenticity, but I assume that for $65, even in rough shape, there's no way this pair is the real deal.

Isn't this vintage mailbox cover from an inevitably chic apartment building so unique?  I bet one of our readers can tell us a clever way to use it today!

Another horsey...  This time a pair of quite large and VERY heavy black wrought iron horseheads.  They were only $195 each.  Maybe one day I will live in a house conducive to statues of large animals.

This brass nautilus shell is huge.  At least the size of a football helmut. 

Not sure what you would do with a vintage croquet set, but it caught my eye!

This brass floor lamp would warm up any room.  I love the brass umbrella stand beside it too!

Did you do any hunting this weekend?  Have you been to The Tobacco Barn?  It's worth a trip!
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