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here's some pics from my whirlwind three days in los angeles last week, taken on melrose ave, hollywood blvd, and venice beach.

walked up and down melrose avenue; absolutely loved all of the vintage shops, boutiques and cafes.

my first time at the coffee bean; i'm not a coffee drinker but i'm way into hot chocolate, and sorry starbucks, but coffee bean's is sooo much better :P

where i stayed, the hollywood roosevelt. such a nice hotel.

the only star on the walk of fame that matters.
haha, i'm kidding, but who doesn't love bob? and plinko?!?

venice beeeeach.

food porn! i love simple, easy, good food. all of this is from the hollywood roosevelt.

eggs/bacon/breakfast potatoes/bagel/oj; breakfast of champions.

grilled cheese and sweet potato fries mmmmm.

& here's some ubiquitous mirror shots.

i'm not trying to be photographer and i'm certainly not showing off any mad skillz; i'm just a girl from indiana who won an amazing contest and got to visit a city she never thought she'd be able to see, and i had to document my experence with a few touristy pics :)
unfortunately we aren't allowed to post any behind the scenes pictures from the olsenboye shoot yet. hopefully soon.

i also have to mention again that the best part of my trip was meeting up with fellow bloggers elora, natalie, and dylana. we've been friends here on the world wide web for who knows how long and it was SO amazing to finally see each other in person!
okaaa back to fashion-related posts again soon.

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