Keep Calm and Carry On

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I am so excited to be heading south to Palm Beach with MoS Washington this weekend!  I think I must be turning into my mom, because I caught myself thinking about what to pack nearly a week in advance.  Flying these days isn't a very enjoyable experience.  Uncomfortable seats, no legroom, long delays, and fees for just about everything...  US Air now charges for every single checked bag on domestic flights, so it's essential that you have a carry-on bag that fits into the overhead compartment.  I just can't get excited about my basic black rolling suitcase, so I checked out a few weekender options online.

I *may* have purchased this canvas duffel from Wm. J. Mills.  These heavy-duty cotton duck canvas duffels have been used by sailors and boaters for over 60 years.  Each bag is made by hand, and they come in every color of the rainbow!

You can't go wrong with the classic LeSportSac Weekender.  The patterns are so vibrant and interesting, they wear great, and the price is right!

I gave my sister a Saltbox tote for Christmas a couple of years ago.  The quality is great, and the patterns are vibrant and memorable!

MoS Washington and I both have a version of this Longchamp tote.  Mine is the older version that does not expand, but on this one, the bottom unzips and basically doubles the bag's size!  If you have a Longchamp bag, you know they fold up to become very small, so this is the perfect bag if you are planning to shop on your trip!

One of my very chic friends has a Tory Burch duffel that I love.  This quilted version isn't quite as cute as the one she has, but it is stylish nonetheless.  My only complaint is that this bag is nylon.  $550 for nylon?  Reminds me of the Chanel garbage bag from a few years back...

Which weekender bag is your favorite?  We can't wait to share our Palm Beach adventures with you next week!
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