House Tour- Joe and Kimberely Newport-Mimran...and a Thank You!!

Style :

For those of you who aren't Canadian, you may not know who or what Joe is.  Founded by mogul Joe Mimran, the fashion line makes high end style accessible to the masses.  Married to the co-founder and head designer of Pink Tartan, Joe was also the genius behind Club Monaco.  His Canadian success story is now the hugely popular Joe, which is sold nationwide at Superstores (which are essentially a chain of beefed up grocery stores.) The clothes are stylish and tread the ever difficult line of being not too trendy but still right on point with current high style.  For this 30 something consumer, the line allows me to feel put together and age appropriate.  And don't get me started on the children's department- I would say that easily 80% of my kid's wardrobe comes from Joe- the clothes are totally adorable and so reasonably priced. 

In similar styles, the Mimran abode is stylish, chic and completely relatable.  It doesn't seem forced or contrived and is effortlessly chic.

I love the (Joe) fresh white, brown and black palate:)  Like his clothes, the classics are mixed with subtle touches of whimsy- note the little red doll standing on a pedestal- not the first thing you notice but it's all in the details with Joe.

I've been crazy over that Pico (available at the completely amazing Cross Design) coffee table for ever! 

Loving the chrome cow print chairs and Barcelona bench.  I also still want me some antlers- even if they are a little maxed out at this point.

This dining room is in its own league for me.  I love how it serves as the perfect meeting room space but also makes such a chic dining room-  the unexpected choice of seating and art are such a treat... this is signature style from the Mimran duo.

The inlay desk paired with the sculptural chair make me giddy.  I'm also coveting those brass duck leg lamps- j'adorable.
{all photos via House and Home}

Like his line of clothes, the Mimran home is understated and elegant, but still a little whimsical.  I adore their style and am so grateful to them for giving me guilt free shopping- being able to buy clothes under the guise of 'it's just a regular trip the grocery store' is quite fantastic- bravo JOE!!!!

I wanted to take a minute to thank Things That Sparkle for her post about my home.  If you haven't already been over to her blog, you must take a look.  Its pages are filled with chic fashion, beautiful interior inspiration shots, and clever commentary- definitely on my daily 'must read' list.  Thank you so much for the feature- it was a thrill to read! xx

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