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I've been a little crazed when it comes to fabric lately.  Here's my very pretty fabric stack in the living room.

Even looking at the picture makes me happy- still not totally sure where it's all going but that's OK-

My Marimekko Joonas upholstery fabric arrived on Wednesday in this very chic wrap.

And then there was the inner packaging- also gorg.

And then the fabric- isn't it lovely?

I couldn't wait to see what the fabric might look like on my Craigslist bergeres so did a little trial run.

Originally, I had planned on painting the wood trim gold but I'm thinking of leaving it the way it is- I like the reminder of it's history and how it's warn in all the right places.  What do you think?

As a reminder, I plan on putting this on the backs- it's by Hazelton House and I bought it from Jamie of Furbish Studio fame- I LOVE it!!!

And yesterday, I was lucky enough to find this Kirk Brummel/Brunschwig & Fils fabric at
 The Designer's Attic.  I have admired this print for a long time and was so excited to see it on Shannon's fabulous site.  I can't wait for it to arrive!
I'm not entirely sure what I am going to use it for yet but thinking some pillows for the master bedroom- or maybe a small chair?

And finally, there is this sweet 4 yard piece of La Fiorentina by David Hicks.  I had seen some other colourways from a seller on ebay and thought I would check to see if they had any of the magenta left.  One quick email and it turns out they did and because of a small imperfection, I got the whole 4 yards for $80!!!!  I can't wait to use this glorious fabric for something on my 2nd floor.  I have two cushions made with it (also from Furbish) on my sofa downstairs and adore the vibrancy of the print.  Shannon from Pink Wallpaper/Designer's Attic was nice enough to send me a template for the fabric (a big thank you to her for the template and the amazing deal on the fabric!!!) headboard she made using the magenta Fiorentina so I am thinking of maybe doing the same.  I have no idea where I might put a new bed but am considering selling my daughter's IKEA number and starting fresh.  If not, this will likely become a bench for the master.

I have also had a few non fabric related purchases this week.  There is an amazing store here called
Petits et Jolis that sells antiques and custom painted kids furniture; the place is like a treasure trove of pretty things and I hope to do a feature on it next week.  In the meantime, here are my most recent Jolis purchases.

Don't worry, I didn't buy it for the picture- I bought it for the huge ornate frame.  I hope to paint it and turn it into a frame for my flat screen.  I got the idea from the very talented Ms. Limestone one of
 Adventures in Renovating a Brooklyn Limestone- take a look at the inspiration photo of her master bedroom- isn't it scrumptious?

I also bought this as a little treat to myself.  I saw the painting a few weeks ago and it had been haunting me ever since.  I love how it's dark and moody but still pretty.  I also love the black chippy paint frame.  I have it hanging above my bed and although it's way too small in scale, I can't bear to move it because I love seeing it when I wake up each morning. 

And finally, I am really really hoping to take this beauty home with me soon.  I saw it over at Caroline's
A Flair for Vintage Decor.  She has a fabulous shop filled with gorgeous little gems so if you haven't been over to her blog to check it all out, you must!!  I am hoping to put his yellow darling under my window in the kitchen (if I end up moving the table) or at the foot of my bed (if I don't make a bench with the La Fiorentina.) 

I think that is all for now.  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  Mine will be spent attempting to reupholster those chairs- we'll see how that goes:)  I promise to post some pictures as soon as they are done.  I also plan on spending some very much needed quality time with the kidlets.  I have tried to do most of my blogging posts the night before when they are sleeping but I'm finding that as it is getting bigger, so is the time I am spending on my blog reading/commenting- still working on finding the balance:)

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