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If you are like me, you probably look at your city's Craigslist and feel like it just doesn't have all the great finds you read about on blogs like Fresh Quince.  It feels like MoS Washington is forever emailing me links to fabulous faux bamboo etageres on Washington CL for $50, or a pair of Hollywood Regency end tables for $75.  I scour Craigslist here in Charlotte pretty regularly, and I have to say that it's rare when I see something worth emailing the Seller about. 

And I don't know if this is limited to Charlotte CL, but it seems there are some Sellers that are REALLY out of touch with reality!  Some of these Sellers think their grandma's dusty old 1940's furniture should be commanding 1st Dibs prices!  I had some fun last night compiling this list of Craigslist listings that seem to be WAY overpriced, as well as what we think the actual price should be!

This sofa looks extremely dated and would require 1) new upholstery, 2) refinishing (or lacquering) the wood trim, and 3) finding EXACTLY the right room to make such a specific piece of furniture look modern.  Disregard the hole in the seat made by a puppy (at least the Seller seems to have disregarded it in coming up with the price).  

Craig Gone Crazy Price:  $1200

MoS Opinion of Value:  $50 or less

Lamps are another favorite category of inflated Craigslist prices.  Here we have a pair of buffet lamps.  They aren't anything special- honestly they look to us like they could be from Kirkland's or Home Decorator's Collection (and they probably are).  They aren't totally offensive, but they certainly aren't anything to write home about.

Craig Gone Crazy Price:  $275 for the Pair

MoS Opinion of Value:  $30 or less

Mmmm, a honey oak grandfather clock worthy of lots of jumping and yelling on the Price is Right.  I don't think there is any home that could make this clock look good.

Craig Gone Crazy Price:  $5,000

MoS Opinion of Value:  $150 (and it is hard to put a value on something we dislike so much!)

I'm sure someone somewhere with a house full of lace doilies and Victorian furniture would like this pair of painted parlor lamps

Craig Gone Crazy Price:  $275

MoS Opinion of Value:  donate...

And lastly, the item that sparked this blog post- a silver Tiffany teaset.  Yes, it is beautiful, and yes, silver is very expensive now.  But if you are trying to command $40,000 for a teaset, is Craigslist really your best forum?  Maybe try Sotheby's or Christies?

Craig Gone Crazy Price:  $40,000

MoS Opinion of Value:  $8,000

Does your city's Craigslist have crazy listings too?  Do people *really* buy this stuff?!
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