Bijou Rooms- Dining...and Some Saarinen Inspiration

Style : Here is a dining room I came up using the Saarinen table as inspiration- it is one of my favourite pieces of furniture of all time and I'm thrilled to be the proud owner of a extra white Knoll side table version- thank you Craigslist!
There are times when I wished we had a seperate dining space just so I could have a shiny marble Saarninen table, a circle of gorgeous refinished chrome chairs (just like the last inspiration picture) and yards of glorious fabric. 
This is my first board done on Olioboard- if you haven't used the site yet, you really must check it out.  Olio makes putting mood boards together very easy and is a lot of fun to play around with.  My one and only issue with it is that I have to continually adjust the screen size to see everything because I am working on a mini laptop; for those of you who have used the site, do you have the same problem?  Anyhoo...What do you think of the new 3D styles?  I'm quite liking it.
As for the nitty gritty details, here's the lowdown.  The fabric is called Darcy Lagoon and is by Lee Jofa; I envision it being uses for large curtain panels on either side of a big square window (with trim painted charcoal.)  The yellow Queen Anne chairs are from here and the dining chairs are from Jayson Home and Garden. The chandelier is from Retrouvius and the large photograph is by ellemoss (who btw, I totally adore.)
Here are some other Saarinen centric dining rooms that make me hungry for all things gorgeous.  And PS, the last room is perhaps my favourite dining room of all time- I'm a little obsessed with it actually.  


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