An AMAZING New Look for Veranda

Style :

While I have subscribed to Veranda for years, I have to admit it's one of those magazines that I let sit around for a couple of weeks before flipping through it.  Lots of beige, gustavian blahness, and Texas manses to which I just cannot relate.  I received the November/ December issue the other day, and the cover caught my eye.  Kelly green lacquered walls, foo dogs, obelisks, and ginger jars, paired with beautiful antiques in an eyecatching entryway.  Was this really Veranda, or am I reading Elle Decor?  Is that a look by Miles Redd?  As I dove into the issue, I noticed that former Domino editor Dara Caponigro has taken over as editor-in-chief of Veranda.  And I absolutely love what she has done with the magazine.  It's younger, fresher, and beautiful. 

Here's a little taste of what you will find:

The first four photos are Miles Redd designs, and the last is from Mary McDonald.  RUN DON'T WALK to a newstand to buy the new Veranda!  I really think you will love it!  I'll be renewing my subscription today!
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